School Management

Our aim is to impart quality education to the students for their all round development in order to make them well educated and well behaved citizen of the country, so that they may face well the challenges of life.

This school is the top most educational institutions run under the supervision of Khalsa College Governing Council Amritsar. Khalsa College Girls Sen. Sec. School has 19 Kanals of Covering area. This school was established during 1930 as a primary school under the seasoned guidance of Bhai Sahib Bhai Jodh Singh Ji.

This institution is being run under the seasoned guidance and proper care of Principles of Khalsa College along with the team of professors namely Prof . M. P. Singh Ji, Prof. Labh Singh Ji and Prof Sardool Singh Ji Gill. But, presently it is being successfully runned by Khalsa College Charitable Society, Amritsar.


Our Vision-: We aim to prepare the child to become global citizens who object to resolute make the world a better place to live in. We educate to nurture the innocent minds to morally and ethically face the challenges waiting for them. We help the child to explore and widen the thinking horizons helping them to strike a perfect a balance of scientific approach and culture

Our Mission-: The school’s mission is to provide a learning environment that encourages to become the allrounders through the joy of learning and enduring values and celebration of diversity.

Objective-: Everyday is to discover the new within us. Everyday is to discover in the universe; with diligence courage and strength.